“REBEL” Music Video

Official “Rebel” Music Video directed by Arnold Pander from the “Honesty EP Available now at the 3rd twin Music Page!

3rd Twin “Freestyle FRIDAY”

freestyle Friday has become the day for 3rd twin to lay down some unfiltered bars based on what he’s been experiencing that week straight off the dome! From lighthearted expressions of life on a beautiful day to hard hitting prose that encapsulate the frustrations of seeing young men die in the streets of Portland, 3rd twin brings his honest point of view directly from his heart and mind every week to the people.


Watch 3rd Twin’s award winning music video “Honesty” directed by the Pander Brothers.


Behind The Scenes of “Honesty”

BTS Photos by Darren Higgins 



Every Monday watch a new episode of Mentor Monday when 3rd TWIN aka Roy Moore the III, a youth counselor for at risk youth speaks truth to power to help inspire and motivate the youth of today.

When I'm not creating my music I work with at risk youth helping young men with issues like recidivism. I'm a transition skill builder. I want to use my platform to touch all masses, because what goes on in my community is not just effecting my community, it's also effecting yours. I believe that my job is not just to make music, but it's to make it a better place when I leave it. So on Monday I'm going to be bringing you some of my insight. I'm calling it Mentor Monday. I hope you'll subscribe, watch and comment as we take this journey together. - 3RD

“I believe in you.”

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