"REBEL" Music Video Premiere Thursday, April 25th at Century Bar!

Thorn City Syndicate presents a Gaddis Motion Production
"Rebel” Music Video Premiere! Directed by the Pander Brothers
w/ DJ Wicked and a performance from 3rd Twin from his new EP “Honesty”


"Rebel" The second music video from portland hop hop artist 3rd twin from his EP "Honesty". Directed by the award winning Pander Brothers, "Rebel" will have its premiere at Century Nightclub on Last Thursday, April 25th. Filmed summer 2018 in NYC in the Harlem neighborhood, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and the subway during the 2018 Hip Hop Film Festival, 3rd Twin shows off his new sound after a decade long hiatus to recover from his past, start a family, and reinvent himself as a voice for the opioid addiction afflicted and at-risk youth while still carrying the torch for the rebellious voice of hip hop culture. Rebel is the bold and colorful follow-up music video to the dark personal vision of “Honesty” also directed by the Pander Brothers which took top awards at film festivals in NYC, LA and Nigeria, Africa.

“Rebel” will screen every half hour simultaneously on all twelve of the large video screens that occupy the sleek urban nightclub.

DJ Wicked will spin vinyl on the ones and twos to keep the night bumping between the half hour showings of the Rebel Music Video and 3rd Twin will perform a few songs from his forthcoming full length LP coming in June 2019!

The Pander Brothers, known for their music videos that have appeared on MTV and award winning feature film work, will be on hand too!

There will also be some cool merch on hand and a raffle for gift bags so come join in the fun!

J Pander